Character Creation

Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Concept
Read the setting info (Assuming the GM has it up, otherwise talk to him.) and get a character concept, something as simple as “Barbarian Warrior” is perfectly fine.

Step 2: Starting Attributes
Assign your starting attribute array to the available attributes. See Rules for attribute descriptions. The starting array is as follows.

1 Rank 5 Attributes
1 Rank 3 Attributes
2 Rank 2 Attributes
1 Rank 1 (Flaw)

Step 3: Distribute Points
You start the game with 11 Attribute points to assign to your attributes. Raising an attribute a rank costs the “Rating” of the next rank. For example raising your rank 5 attribute to rank 6 costs 6 points. Unfortunately, all Eternals are flawed, and the Rank 1 flaw may not be increased. Unused points may be saved for use on powers.

Step 4: Choose Powers
You get 5 points to distribute between powers. The cost of each rank of a power is calculated in the same way as Attributes. Unspent points may be saved to be used on extras.

Step 5: Extras
Extras are basically exactly what it says… Extras. Each character has 3 additional points to spend on extras. Magical items, skilled retainers, significant resources and status with organizations are all extras. All characters may start with one status with a faction of there choice. Rank costs are calculated the same. Unspent points may be put into the Fate attribute.

Step 6: Other
You have two additional attributes, Vim which is a measure of the potency of your characters blood, and Fate which may be invoked to aid an action.

Step 7: Name and Description
Be ready to describe and name your character to the party. Unless I’ve forgotten something you’re ready to play!

Character Creation

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